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Airline Pathway Question,
I’m looking at the Spirit Direct Program entry requirements and it specifies that instructors applying must have 26 hours of Multi-Engine time by the time they accept a First Officer position. My understanding is you’ll complete the ACPP with 25 hours of Multi time so my question is, while in the program, can you request an extra hour of multi time and have the cost built into the program?
My understanding is instructors can only get multi time if they’ve done the 100-hr multi-engine option and are at a multi-engine location, which unfortunately, my location is not. I know you could just rent a multi-engine plane for some additional hours, but I was curious if it is possible, if a student intends to apply for a specific airline partnership, if it can be coordinated.
Just curious!


This is a great question; however, I think the answer may be found with Training Support since it involves a program outline. As you mentioned, the program is built around 25 hours of multi-engine time, so I would assume it is a possibility… but you know what they say about ‘assuming’.


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I have reached out for clarification on this, you bring up a good point.


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Won’t instructors get more multi time while instructing?

From my understanding, research on this forum, and speaking with ATP instructors…only if they’re at a Multi-Engine location.
Side note: I was just looking for the 100 hour Multi-Engine Add-on program on ATP’s site but can’t seem to find any trace of it. Previously, it was an additional option, and cost, wherein you’d receive most of your training in the Seminole and build 100 hours of Multi-Time instead of the standard 25. I have been noticing a lot of changes on the website recently so maybe a mentor or admin can chime in on if that program still exists or not, as I couldn’t find any info on it but know it was on there not that long ago.


This is what I received back from ATP admin:

“ATP encourages those selected for direct programs to apply for advancement as a multi-engine instructor early on to ensure minimums are met. In Steve’s case, I believe he’d be able to pay for an additional multi flight as an instructor to ensure the mins are met for the direct program he is participating in. Regarding adding the extra hour to the ACPP, he should contact training support at 904-595-7992 for options. The 100hr multi-engine program is no longer being offered.”


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Not if they do not serve as multi engine instructors.


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Thanks for getting that clarification for me! Much appreciated! I’m still a ways out from starting my program so it doesn’t matter right now and ultimately I’ve got to finish the program first but I wanted to at least know what my options were and do my best to get all my ducks in a row!
Thanks again!

Right, I missed that in the original question. My bad!

So they say you need 26 because the Spirit training is 6 x 4 hour sims so if you only had 25 going in you’d be at 49 and 1 hour short of ATP mins.

BUT, you also get 6 hours at the ATP-CTP course that are applicable towards the ATP mins so technically you should be fine.

Not sure why Spirit doesn’t consider the ATP-CTP time but I figured I’d put it out there in case it helps inform the conversation.

I’d also mention that for anyone who has to use the sim time from training to meet the requirement, you will end up doing your oral exam AFTER the sims and right around the time of your practical test. If you already have 50 multi hours you can take the oral BEFORE the sims, which is a huge benefit since with the oral out of the way you can focus all your attention on the practical. It’s a good incentive to get that multi-engine instructor position and those extra multi hours if you can!

SOURCE: I am an ATP alum who did the Spirit program (not sure why my flair doesn’t reflect this)

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Thanks for the info. I’m sure now that they know admin will change your status.



Thank you for the information.


And just like that… :slight_smile:

Ah there it is. “ATP Graduate & Airline Pilot.” Has a nice ring to it!

I’ve come a long way since my first posts on here, asking which headset to buy and whether I’d be able to get time off for my friend’s wedding… :grin:

(For the record I went with the Bose and I did make it to the wedding.)


Thanks for that information - I will say, in the Airline Pathway Instructions it does specify: “Must have 26 hours of Multi-Engine time by the time of First Officer transition.” - So I’d imagine they do consider that time, they just don’t specify it as such.

How do you like Spirit? I’ve been looking for anyone with Schedule Information if you’d be willing to share. How long have you been with Spirit? I’ve frequently heard that QOL is pretty high at Spirit, do you have any insights you’d be willing to share?

Again, thanks for the info!


Hi Steve,

So far I’ve been very happy with my experience going from ATP to Spirit. The “jet transition” course they send you to after the ATP-CTP course is extremely valuable, and gives you a good leg up going into the actual Spirit new hire training. I heard numerous times throughout the process that the instructors were frequently impressed with the ATP graduates who had gone through that course, especially considering our lack of prior turbine/121 experience.

I was blown away by the quality of the instructors at the Spirit training. I honestly did not have a single bad experience (YMMV). They were all energetic, positive, patient, passionate, and incredibly knowledgeable. I really can’t stress enough how impressed I was with that portion of the training. Despite having never touched a jet before, I felt more prepared for my ATP/A320 checkride than any other checkride I have taken.

You may have heard that Spirit stopped new hire training back in October, and I was actually in the LAST class before they stopped. When people tell you that timing is everything in this industry… believe them. If I had dragged my heels at ALL during my training and instructing, I’d likely still be waiting for a class date. And while I’m incredibly grateful to have made it in before the door closed, the reality is that being stuck at the bottom of the seniority list is not exactly the best place to be for quality of life at any airline. Once Spirit starts training again and we can start moving up to hold the bases we want and eventually hold a line, quality of life will skyrocket.

Overall I am very happy to work here. I’ve really enjoyed everyone I’ve worked with and flown with so far. We have a good contract with possibly the best work rules in the industry, we fly some great trips to some cool places, and I personally think the A320 is an absolutely amazing machine to fly.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you or anyone else might have about Spirit or the pathway program. Just tag me @a2noah and I’ll gladly chime in.

Best of luck to you,


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