Starting 9-11-23


My name is Devan Bayne and tomorrow is my first day at ATP in Indianapolis! The last few months I have used this website as a tool to learn more about the program and view other students experiences at ATP. I figure now that I am starting I can do as others have done and post/ update my progress along the way for others to see. A little about myself, I am 25yrs old. I have a bachelor’s degree and was working the last 6 months full time as an engineer and additionally was working the last 1.5yrs for SkyWest as a cross utilized agent at my local airport. March 21st I took my first flight lesson at my local part 61 school and earned my Private Pilot’s License on July 3rd in a Cessna 150. Since then I have been flying on my own to gain hours and will be starting tomorrow in the Credit private program with exactly 78 hours.

I read many times on this forum that everyone recommends taking the written exams before your start date so on August 8th I signed up with Sheppard air for their Instrument exam prep course. Since that time I have completed the following:

8-23-23: IRA - 90%
8-23-23: FII - 96%
9-02-23: CAX - 96%
9-09-23: FIA - 95%
Still need to take the FOI

I wanted to get ahead as much as possible so I also completed 9 out of 10 of the Instrument elevate courses before my start date of tomorrow. My goal is to study hard and try my best and hopefully that will lead to completing the program on timeline.

Yesterday, I moved down to Indianapolis from Michigan and while checking out the area today I decided to see what my daily drive is going to look like and stopped into the training center and was able to meet some of the other students and instructors. Tomorrow will be check in at the center and I already have some time on the schedule tomorrow in the simulator before going up in the air on Tuesday!

The rest of my night will persist of getting all my materials together for the morning and reviewing the Piper Archer training Supplement. Oh and also shaving my beard off : :joy: … I’m really excited and looking forward to this next chapter in my life and will update this thread along the way!



Hi Devan,

Awesome scores! I start a week after you on the 18th, but starting from zero. I’ll be training at the Blaine, MN location in the Twin Cities. I also have roots in Michigan, but haven’t lived there for several years.

Looking forward to following your journey!



Awesome scored\s on your writtens, that shows a good dedication that will pay off in the program.

Thank yo for the update, please keep them coming as you go through the program.




Thank you and best of luck to you in the program!

Congratulations, Devan! This summer it seems like you’ve been working hard towards this, and you must be so proud of yourself. Keep going, sir! I also plan to enroll in ATP Indy either this year or beginning of next year :slight_smile: See you there eventually!

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Olivia, thank you for the words of encouragement. I hope to see you in Indy! I know everyone’s circumstances are different but hopefully you can get started as soon as possible!

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Thanks for such a thoughtful write up. Sounds like you did exactly what you should and more to ensure you’re set up for success! I know your instructor will be impressed meeting you today and seeing how much preparation you did. It will pay off in dividends.

Hope you have a great day. The first day of the rest of your career! Let us know how it goes when you can :slight_smile:


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Congrats on getting all those writtens that you listed with scores completed. This was a nice introduction to a journey that you are about to embark on, kudos! If you can continue to strive to stay ahead, you will do well in the program.

I look forward to seeing your check-in status throughout the program, program first, forum second. :wink: