Still CFI?

@Adam didn’t want to hijack a thread for serious matters like Medical issues so figured I’d make a new thread for my question.

On the HIMS thread you said you just renewed your CFI. Is that standard for most airline pilots, do you need it to be a check pilot or do you just keep it current as a back up?


Great question. You’re not there yet but you will see how hard you work for that CFI. It’s something I’m proud of and you never know what the future will bring (perhaps I’ll do some instructing in my next life?). Additionally I’ve found it looks good on my resume when it comes to getting instructor positions (but no it’s not required) so why not? It’s much easier to keep (just a painful online course every 2 years with American Flyers. You only pay the first time then it’s LIFETIME FREE renewals) vs getting it back which means a FULL checkride. I know many pilots who let it go but like I said, you never know.



I keep mine current as well, I believe that most pilots do. As Adam said, I worked hard to get it and don’t want to just let it go. You never know…


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Thank you both for your responses!!