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So how does the Delta pilot strike affect and/or change what you guys do?


To my knowledge the Delta pilots are not on strike, they have simply done some picketing. If they did go on strike it would have very little affect on pilots at other carriers.



As Chris said, Delta pilots aren’t on strike and won’t be any time soon (if at all). For pilots to strike it’s actually a pretty long process ending with them being “released to self-help”. Also as Chris said if they ever did it really wouldn’t have any effect on any other airlines. Now I’m not sure if I’m reading more into your question, but if you’re asking the question to the pilots who fly for Regionals that support Delta that’s an interesting one.

Technically if I fly for say Compass (despite being a wholly owned Delta carrier), I’m still not employed by Delta and I’m also a member of a separate union pilot group so I don’t have the right to strike. Where it starts getting dodgy is if said Regional starts flying “struck work” or routes. Many Major airline pilot contracts have what’s called “scope” clauses which limit the size and even certain routes (hub to hub for example) of the Regional partners. If when Delta goes on strike and then Compass is asked to fly routes restricted by the Delta pilots contract it could put the Compass guys in a very awkward position. At that point I believe (?) the Compass pilot union would have to work out a solution of how the group would behave but I’m honestly not certain.

Good question.