The sky is falling! ahhhhh!

Scary times! :flushed:


Fiddlesticks. Well, the way the weather is everytime I show up at the airport (LIFR, snow, 30 knot winds) I’ll be lucky to see my second lesson.

I figure things will snap back again. Of course you also have the calls for no airline travel by 2050. Are you sure the sky isn’t falling? :new_moon_with_face:

Wasn’t that offered as an option to fewer than 100 pilots out of 16,000 on property? A “dog with a blog” strikes again.

It is a contractual obligation that the company has when block hours drop below a certain point. Certainly nobody was forced into taking this.

Everything is citing towards the Boeing crisis. I wouldn’t say a shortage is stopping… it’s just temporarily hitting a plateau.


One of my captains and I discussed how this is pretty much a non-story. We’ve had “zero time” lines available each month here at Envoy since November or December of last year. If you bid for one of these you get the entire month off without pay, but hold your benefits and seniority. They don’t have to be awarded, they are just there if you want them. We aren’t ‘overstaffed’, but instead we have been hiring in anticipation for the new aircraft we are expected to receive later this year. I suspect it is the same for United, and the Boeing situation doesn’t help.


Exactly… it’s a non story. However with the climate lately, the media couldn’t resist creating a narrative. These lines are available every month. The 737 staffing will be adjusted over the long term to account for later delivery estimates. But that’s no different than adjusting staffing for retirements, route changes, etc.


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