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Which Bose Headsets to Buy?

I was looking on Bose’s website and show a list of a few headsets options, which would I need?


Dual plug, straight cable. Bluetooth or not is up to you BUT know if you’re flying with me (or someone like me) and I catch you using the Bluetooth during the course of doing business I will throw them out the window, cut the cord or some other method of destruction :slight_smile:


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Soooooo your fellow pilot trying to catch the game at 45,000 ft is a no no? :joy:


I’m not a pilot yet but completely agree with you Adam, why have such a distraction. I believe all your attention,concentration, and especially focus needs to be on the task at hand.


Since my Airbus has a ceiling of FL410 if I found myself at 450 my fellow pilot catching the game would be the least of my problems :slight_smile:



I see where being at FL450 might be a small problem :joy: I guess the game would have to be caught at FL350 instead :smirk: