Will this stop me from flying?

A couple years ago i was convicted of DUI first offense for being parked and asleep, having a B.A.C over the legal limit, and this year I was convicted of wreckless driving because I fell asleep at the wheel at 3 a.m. one morning, resulting in going of the road and totaling my car, they also gave me violation of implied consent due to declining a blood draw. I’m planning on attending Southern Illinois university of Carbondale for their aviation management program. Is there any hope for me, being able to fly?


Honestly, I don’t think so. Your driving patterns show a trend of violating the law that is only getting worse and is very recent. I would suggest that you call a few different regional airlines, talk to their recruiting departments and ask them to get the official answer. That being said, even if you did get hired by a regional, I can’t possibly see a major airline ever hiring you. When they have thousands of applications on file, someone like a repeat DUI offender is easy to remove from the list.



I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but I’d say you may need to entertain other career options. One DUI is tough, 2 (and years apart) is a death sentence.


To add to this, I am not sure that with both a DUI and a refusal to submit to alcohol testing on your record the FAA would even issue you a medical certificate.

I recommend doing some serious research with both the airlines and the FAA before you spend any money on flight training.

You have a violation of implied consent from refusing to submit to a blood test. In many jurisdictions, including the FAA, that is the same as a positive test.

Okay, I was unaware of that, thank you. I don’t think it would be as big of an issue if I just went into airport management hopefully.