Written Exam Questions

So I’m hearing everyone say before starting ATP knock out your written exams I just have a few questions:

  1. Can the written exams be administered online? If not where can you take them at before your start date?

  2. Before the start date will you have to be for them out of pocket even tho you included it in financing?

  3. What is pass rate of the written exams? i know you would have to do some studying but are the questions tricky?

  4. Why is it recommended to knock out the written exams before you start? And is it possible to knock them all out before you start? (given a 2month start date)

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First let me say taking your writtens before training is simply a recommendation, not a requirement but here goes:

  1. No, you have to go to an authorized testing center since the exams must be proctored and your identity verified. All ATP locations are authorized test centers or you can Google for an FAA Written exam test location near you. Also keep in mind prior to taking most of the exams you require an instructor sign off. That again can be obtained if you’ve already enrolled and paid your deposit to ATP or if you use other test study materials (Sheppard Air, Sporty’s, Asa and Gleim all have good products) they will send you an endorsement if you send them a few practice exams with scores in the 90’s.

  2. Yes you will have to pay for them if you take them first but ATP will reimburse you once you start.

  3. Not sure what you mean by “pass rate” since if you don’t pass you don’t get to be a pilot so you must pass. Passing grade on the exams is 70%. That said there really is no excuse for not doing well. There are many practice tests available online and through the courses. The questions are all multiple choice and are very straight forward. I’m a bit tough when it comes to this because all the info is readily available. If you study, you’ll do well and if you don’t do well, you didn’t study enough.

  4. It’s definitely possible but again not required. It’s recommended because it lightens the work load during training. You’ve heard us discuss on here the amount of work required to be successful and it’s considerable. By taking some of the tests early you make it that much more manageable.

Here’s some more info from ATP on the subject https://atpflightschool.com/faqs/acpp-prep-written-knowledge-tests.html


Hey Guys,

Sorry to revive an old thread but I like keeping things organized and the thread title works perfectly.

I know people have suggested taking the FII the same day or the day after IRA and on my ATP projected schedule CAX, FOI, FIA area all listed for the same day (I’m assuming that’s when they want them done by) my question is has anyone found that the FOI and FIA (or a combination of those 3) work well together like FII and IRA or should I study and test those 3 separately?



Hopefully a more recent grad can chime in as it has been long enough for me to forget. I want to say that the CAX and FIA are similar, but I don’t know of anyone that took both on the same day.

The FOI is unlike any of the other writtens, but the question bank is small. So, it’s an easy one.


Thanks Tory!

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