1500 hours and what is next

Good evening,

I’m coming up on my 1500 hours and thinking to work on my written test for ATP. Anyone knows what steps I should take?

Thank you.


That depends on what you want your next step to be. If you’re planning on going to a Regional they will take care of the ATP requirements as part of your new hire training (including the written). If you’re going corporate or otherwise and plan on getting your ATP on your own, you’ll need to complete an ATP-CTP course prior to taking the written. Depending on the school and course it may or may not include the written.



Hello Ayler!

One additional note to Adam’s post, no matter if you get your ATP on your own or through a regional, I strongly recommend Sheppard Air’s test prep software to prepare for the ATM (ATP multiengine written test).


Regardless of where you’re headed next you’ll need to knock out the atp written. Like @Tory said, Sheppard Air study prep is the best place to get started. It’s about $65 for the access to the study prep database. If you haven’t used their software before, make sure you read the study protocol thoroughly and follow it. You will be set up for success after following that protocol. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get through so you can start that at any time. You won’t be eligible to take the written until you attend the ATP CTP course but that’s just a 2-3 day course. It’s good to study ahead of time and be ready to take the written either while attending the course or when you return home.
If you are going to a regional, the airline will cover the cost and scheduling of the course. If not, ATP does offer their own ATP CTP course in Dallas. I’ll post the link to it below: