And the madness continues

I actually predicted this 5+ yrs ago. Yes I’m psychic :wink:

Oh and Brady’s going Suburban shopping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Not holding my breath, but this will keep our rumor mill going. Crazier things have happened!

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Flagship airlines (eagle) was APA back in 1994 and talk of a merger then too. Lots of broken promises along the way. Talk to any old timer from eagle and they will explain. It’s probably just a recruitment tool.

I had to read the fine print there, Adam. I’m glad I did! :wink:

What else is new? Piedmont getting some E170s? 2-Class cabin? Wi-Fi? LOL. Rumors have been flying for years (see what I did there? :eyes:), two different unions - APA & ALPA.

I had our CEO on one of my flights recently (prior December) and at the end he came up, introduced himself. He mentioned Piedmont was resuming the cadet program, I inquired why we stopped in the first place… now we’re hurting for FO’s as the attrition went to LCC’s. I predicted that when I first started. :grinning: