Pros and Cons of ATP Housing?

What are some of the pros and cons of the housing ATP offers?


Now it’s been a few years since I stayed in the housing (some current students might chime in with their thoughts) but I have to say when I was there the housing was fantastic. I stayed in HEF, ATL and JAX and all were really nice garden apts. Close to the airport and shopping. It was great because you had other students and different phases (some ahead, some behind) all studying and helping eachother progress. Great vibe and in JAX we’d wind down with nightly racquetball games. Good times.


All ATPs housing is fully furnished, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything besides bedding. You also do not have to worry about a lease and can leave when you need to. They are also all very nice and most, from what I have seen on ATPs website have workout facilities, pools, etc. It seems like for the most part it makes the transition to living where you are training very easy, and does not tie you down. It also seems to have many thing to help you relax.

Hi Marcus,

I live in housing at Long Beach. Pros include: fully-furnished apartment close to the airport, monthly maid service, your payment includes utilities, living with other ATP students offers studying and socialization opportunities.

The only cons I can think of are that you won’t get to live exactly where you want, and you will likely be sharing an apt, potentially with up to three other people, like here at KLGB.

Overall, I really enjoy living with other ATP students who are going through the same thing I am. It really helps to study together and hear what they are going through with their own instructors, etc.

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Thank all of you for the feedback.

Hey Marcus,

I really liked the fact that it was a student ‘community’ in a way. Like Adam said, you have students in different phases and that allows you to learn from those ahead of you and also help those that are behind you (in preparation for flight instruction).

Other than that we had a great time socially. We would have BBQs at least once a week by the pool and volleyball court, and sake Tuesday at the hibachi place across the street was a thing (you didn’t get that from me though ;).


Does ATP still offer free housing at some locations?