Choosing an airline

I know this is a question that is asked a lot. I live in the Dallas area and I want to work for American Airlines one day, but if I changed my mind I would choose Delta. The only problem is I would have to commute to ATL. Is there a Delta hub in DFW?

No, Delta does not have a pilot base in Dallas.

Hello Miguel,

These are the current Delta domiciles according to Wikipedia:

LaGuardia (NY)
Salt Lake City
Los Angeles

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Thank you Chris! It is going to be very hard choosing an airline… how does one know if you made the right decision?


The reality is you probably won’t know until you’re there. Keep in mind choosing a Major isn’t like choosing a Regional. All you new folks are exceptional fortunate that the demand is so great right now and you can pick the Regional of your choice. That was not always the case and its certainly not true with the Majors. There’s an old saying the best airline in the world is the one that hires you. Perhaps you chose Delta but what if they never call? Would you not apply elsewhere? The reality is you’ve get to get through your training, build time, then get hired by a Regional and hopefully along the way you’ll talk to some people and you’ll get an idea of which airline is best for you. Right now is be more concerned with earning your licenses and ratings.


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You won’t know if you made the right choice until the day you retire. I don’t mean that to sound coy, but there are just so many variables that affect this industry and every airline goes through its ups and downs.


You guys are awesome! I like that you all don’t sugar coat things. I have learned so much from being here.

I am glad that you find the forum to be helpful. Keep those questions coming.