College Transcripts

Hello, I am currently in my freshman year of college and I was wondering, how thoroughly do airlines review academic records? In high school I was always a great student, but now college is more difficult, especially when balancing a busy work schedule. I’m not failing, but my performance hasn’t been quite as great as in the past. How thoroughly are these records analyzed, and how much of a factor do grades and extracurriculars play, as well as demerits like disciplinary sanctions?

Ps. Passed my first check-ride in October of 2021

I cant comment too much on how they review college stuff. Im here to partially tag along and ask if its common practice to review college and/or high school transcripts.


The regionals do not require degrees and the majors are placing less emphasis on degrees. That being said, the majors usually like to see a 3.5 or better, but a 3.0 or better should work as well.



Your transcripts will not be an issue (although as Chris said some will look at your GPA). What you should be more concerned with is the fact ATP will most definitely be more challenging then college is. The program is highly accelerated and will require a tremendous amount of work on your part to do well. Failing to keep up will result in checkride failures which can and will impact your career. You will need to step up your game.


They will definitely ask for both. Academic demerits and a low GPA doesn’t look great but you can’t change the past. It is what it is. The best thing you can do now is to build the best resume you can. No checkride failures, no legal issues, quality time building, etc.


Based on my experience at regional interviews, they will ask for your GPA and college transcripts when you apply, but I don’t think they weigh them too heavily. (They will ask to see your highest level of education only) I believe it is mostly to verify that you actually have a degree from an accredited university. Envoy, for example, wanted an official copy of your transcript, whether that be high school or university. Now when you get to applying for the majors that will most likely change. I imagine they are more likely to consider it along with your flight history when making a hiring decision. As the other’s mentioned, I would avoid any disciplinary record and maintain the best GPA you possibly can to give you the best chance of being successful. What GPA is a good GPA? In my opinion it depends on what your degree is and the level of university you are attending. The higher, the better!