The Race to 1500

Yesterday marks the completion of my program with ATP. It has been a grueling five months, but I can finally say that I did it! This program, like all programs, has its pros and cons, but the memories I have created will definitely last a lifetime. I want to give a big thanks to the people on here who have helped me along the way and I look forward to interacting with you on this crazy race to 1500 (seeing now I can actively participate here!)

If anyone has any questions regarding the Las Vegas or Phoenix location, feel free to ask away! Otherwise I’ll talk to you all fairly soon!

Thanks again!



Congrats Wesley!

Grueling is a good word for it but know it has prepared you for what’s to follow as an airline newhire.

I would encourage you to look at the next step as less of a race (crazy or otherwise) but more as just part of the journey. The 1500hr Rule is there for a very good reason and not simply a box to check. As always you should try and enjoy it and use it to become the best pilot you can.


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Congrats on completing the program! That is no small feat. Take a few days to take a deep breath, appreciate how far you’ve come and catch up on rest. That way you can embark on the next phase of building time refreshed.

What’s next? Are you staying to instruct with ATP?


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Congrats on program complete, I feel like a few months I remember reading your initial post. The full circle is in motion. You will cherish all these memories you’ve made in the past 5 months, forever.

Enjoy the next 1,000 hours, they go by quick. What is your next step in your journey?


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As of now, I am just waiting for ATP to contact me in the coming week for the program close. I hope to instruct at the Las Vegas operation as I am currently stuck here for the next year. Knowing that there really isn’t a spot, I’m likely going to have to wait it out till a spot opens and probably teach at a local mom n pop shop.


Planning on instructing till around 800. There’s a local company here who has a pilot development program with their PC12s. Might be a good next step, but CFI for now.

Little inside scoop for you! These are current locations with an immediate need.
LAS was one of them right before I refreshed the page, I don’t think you’ll have to wait long.
I’ve been waiting for OGD for two and a half months, and I’m still number 9 on their list (started at number 12)…

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How do you get access to that information? I signed up for the ATP alumni portal, but haven’t seen that yet.

It’s in there. If you click on the ATP jobs link in the menu it should pop up.


Congratulations, that is excellent news!

Try to enjoy the time spent getting to 1,500 hours. I look back only time as a flight instructor as some of the best periods of my career. Also, nobody wants a CFI that is there to just build time. Be the best CFI you. can be and you will have more flight time than you know what to do with.


It just brings me back to the main ATP site :joy:

The short amount of dual I have given has been quite refreshing. It’s honestly reminded me as to why I got into Aviation. Where the last 5 months were nothing but skill building and stressing, it’s amazing to finally sit on the right side, take in the moment, and share the admiration I have for this field :grin:

5 months? Did you start with a ppl or zero?

Credit for Private.
Started 3/7/22
Instrument 4/27/22
Commercial 6/2/22
CFI 7/11/22
CFII - 7/24/22
Com-Multi - 8/1/22
CFI-MEI - 8/13/22

5 Months and 6 certs haha


I recommend challenging yourself to go for the Gold Seal CFI, taking Chris’ advice to heart. I found that setting myself goals along my journey helped pushed me to be the best I could be.


That’s the next goal. During my time at ATP, I got my IGI and AGI to set myself up for it during this point :slight_smile:

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