Delta Propel Program Opinions

What are y’alls thoughts on the new Delta Propel program in general? I’ll include the document below as a much more detailed source of info, but the bottom line is they are advertising that if you are accepted into the program, you complete all your training, flight train at your college until you get to 1000 hours (and school), and then you get to delta connection. From there “in a maximum of 42 months” you will be given a job offer at the real deal delta. I’d love to get some of your opinions, as I am planning on attending MGSU next semester for this program specifically.


Delta_Propel_-_Collegiate_Pilot_Career_Path_Brochure.pdf (2.7 MB)


Delta is a premier Major airline and any pilot would be proud to fly for them. Any path that can get you there is probably a worth considering. My only concern with the Propel program you list is the the college aviation degree route. I’ve never been a fan of aviation degrees. The airlines don’t require or even prefer them and they’re traditionally very expensive. Further should flying not work out for you either by choice or circumstance they don’t offer any backup for another career. While the 42mos to Delta sounds very attractive, keep in mind that’s after the 4yrs of school AND building your 1500hrs.

Delta does however offer other paths that allow you to get your degree wherever in whatever you like and train at one of their partner flight schools like ATP.

Ultimately the choice is yours but again I feel it’s important to have options, particularly at your age.



I think that working through the Delta Propel program is a great idea. You have a guaranteed path to Delta when hiring resumes. I do question the guarantee on being to Delta in 42 months as so much is in flex right now with Covid.

I am not the biggest fan of aviation degrees as they can be very limiting. I think it is better to have a degree in something completely different that an aviation degree so that you have a fall back plan if need be. There are other ways to participate in Delta Propel without getting an aviation degree.

As for the most efficient way to reach your goal, I would look at flight schools that specialize in accelerated training. Larger schools are usually able to accommodate more students and do so in a more efficient manner. All of the mentors on this website went to ATP and were pleased with their program, which is part of why we are here. ATP is part of the Propel program.

Look around and check out the FAQ section for a post titled: “Questions for Any Prospective Flight School” that will help guide you in finding the school that is best for you.