Different types of R-ATP

Hello, I am aware of the different types of R-ATP such as the 1000 hour rule with 60 credits from an accredited aviation university, 1250 with an associates degree from an accredited university and 750 for some military cases. I know that R-ATP allows you to go to an airline at 21 as opposed to 23 and although I am part of a flight school that does not offer R-ATP, I’m thinking that I might be able to finish my 1500 hours before turning 23. Is there a type of R-ATP that airlines will accept should I have my minimums and not be 23 years of age?


There aren’t different types of R-ATPs. There’s only one (but various conditions you can obtain one). R-ATP means a Restricted ATP and allows a pilot who does not meet all the criteria for a full UNrestricted ATP to fly for airline as an FO. That generally either means they don’t have the 1500hrs and allows a reduction based on the conditions you listed OR are under 23 (but at least 21) and meet all the other requirements.

Short answer is yes. You can obtain an R-ATP at 21 provided you meet all the other requirements including completion of the ATP-CTP course.


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