Restricted ATP questions


Can you please help clear up how restricted ATPs work? I see some regionals hire with them. What are the requirements for them and is there an actual test you take for it?


The R-ATP allows pilots who do not yet meet all the requirements of a full (un-Restricted ATP) to still be hired and fly for an airline. There are some “carve-outs” for certain individuals (military only require 750hrs TT, grad of certain aviation 4yr degree programs 1000hrs) and it also reduces the min age to 21 vs 23. The tests (both written and practical) are the same for the R and the Full and there are also sim requirements prior to taking the exams. Really nothing to be concerned about since once you build your 1500hrs the Regional that hires you will train, prepare and administer the ATP exams as part of your newhire training.


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