Hey guys, so Things are getting rolling for me to start at ATP very soon and I was just wondering for the training and for the industry in general, are pilots allowed to have dreadlocks? Mine are very neat and look good, but I understand that people are not always… understanding of things like this, and That they can depict you in a certain light. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a job just to keep them. So are they allowed or should I get them cut?


You’d have to check with ATP as I’m not certain of their dress code and how it pertains to hair but I can tell you if/when you get to an airline they will have to go.


this is all it says on hair for while at ATP


The dreadlocks will have to go.


Can i have a line in my hair?

What do you mean by a “line”? A part? A colored streak? If so, what color?

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Looks like a “part” to me?