Questions for a pilot

Hello how are you ladies and gentlemen today! My name is Charles and I just found your forums and it’s very nice! Anyways, I hate to draw out a long introduction but I have a few questions for all you epic pilots out there. Im from Mississippi and I’ve been flying since I was 14 (my Gramps had a duster) and over the last eight years or so I moved my wife and kids to Ohio (aviation state) and I’ve been a crane operator for over six years. My passion is flying and now I really want to become a professional pilot, I’m also 32. My first question, I’m a white guy with Dreadlocks and they are very neat clean and they are naturals. Do I have to cut them? Number 2, is it worth me trying to go pro at 32? It’s my dream and I know I should go for it but with all the craziness in the world I figured you guys could shed a little advice. Three. It’s so expensive here in Ohio and I have two children are there any programs out there? I’m also trying to get into Kent state, which has a killer pilot program, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna get in yet although I studied my arse off for all the test and got really good grades, due to all the super smart youngsters, my compitition bar is harvard level, hell, my six year old son is pro at computers and even know how to code( ya don’t know where his genes came from lol) any resources would be great and after this post I’m gonna be all over your forums and websites thanks so much and I appreciate all response and have a wonderful day!


Thanks for the intro, let’s get to your questions:

  1. Are you serious? Have you ever seen an airline pilot (of any race or ethnicity) with dreads? Have you a picture of an airline pilot with dreads? EVER? Air Jamaica pilots weren’t allowed to have dreads. If you want to fly for an airline the dreads need to go.

  2. 32 is far from old. It’s actually the approx average age when most people start flight training.

  3. One of the biggest obstacles most people face against a career in aviation is the cost. Flying airplanes is not cheap and to my knowledge there are no “programs”. Kent state btw while having a fantastic aviation program is actually one of the more expensive and time consuming routes. Btw, Ohio is actual #36 on the list making it one of the least expensive states to live in. I’m in Hawaii which is #1 on the list.


Lol thank you sir, I actually never really looked at pictures of airline pilots, I didn’t mean to offend you thanks for the quick response

What would you recommend, if Kent state is so timely and expensive as a replacement. Not to say education isn’t important and I’m not expecting to become a pilot tomorrow, thanks again!


No offense taken. I was simply pointing out that while many careers have relaxed their dress and appearance codes, the airlines are still fairly conservative and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Further if flying is your passion, cutting your hair is a small price to pay.

As for suggestions while 32 is not old, if you’re serious you need to get cracking. I recommend an accelerated training program like ATP. While definitely not cheap, the price is competitive and you can earn all your licenses and ratings in 9mos. You don’t mention if you have a degree or not? If not you could earn a degree with credit for your licenses and ratings after training while you’re flying for a Regional. You’d save a ton of time and money.

I suggest you take a look at our FAQ section for more info on the process and the answers to other common questions.