Man Hair

Hi All,

I have read previous threads on the subject and I understand that the industry standard is pretty clear on the matter: men are required to be clean-cut. As a man who has kept shoulder-length curly hair and a beard for my entire adult life I am naturally reluctant to cut it all off. The closer I get to pulling the trigger with ATP, the more I realize how hard it will be to so drastically change my appearance.

My question is whether there is anyone on this thread who has made a similar adjustment/sacrifice in order to fulfill their dreams of flight? Did your wives leave you? Did your family still recognize you? Does your dog still come to you when you call it?




Thanks for the laugh, Adisson!

While you grapple with your identity, I’ll say this. Your dog, your wife and your family all love you unconditionally (I hope?) So I wouldn’t worry too much there :wink:

I’ll be with you (in spirit) when it’s time to say goodbye to the old you :wink:


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Not sure how much you’re joking but I did wrestle with shaving my beard back in the day, but honestly when I put it against obtaining my dream job it was a very short bout.

As for your concerns, no my wife didn’t leave me (she actually preferred it) and if yours does you’ve got bigger relationship issues. My family recognized me just fine, in fact some didn’t even notice which was very weird to me and my dog would know me even if I showed up dressed like a cat.

Trust me when it comes to obstacles this is a minor one, or at least should be.


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Hey guys,

Definitely meant that last part in jest. There’s no doubt my dog will like me just fine either way, and I’m fairly certain about the wife :wink:

It’s good to see that others have made the cut so to speak. It’s certainly the icing on the cake for what is sure to be a big next step!