Howmuch Will it cost me to get my licenses and how do i get them?

HI, I’m Chris, I’ve been struggling with figuring out how to get all my licenses and rating and also with howmuch will it cost me to get all that and also the flight school, please help, i get really stressed out when i spend hours searching on youtube and google and i never find the information i really need. Thanks


There is a wealth of information on the internet and it can be somewhat overwhelming. My first question is have you ever flown a small plane? If the answer is no before you go crazy trying to figure out how to make a career of it you need to take an Intro flight. Many people THINK they want to fly but when they actually go up they find it’s not really for them. Assuming you do like it then it’s a question of selecting a flight school. Obviously I’m a fan of ATP as they will take you from 0 time to working and building time as a professional pilot in only 9mos. The cost for the program is $65,995. Most people take out student loans to cover the cost.

Hope that helps.


Hey Chris,

Take a look at the Schedules section of the forum to get an idea of what an
airline pilot schedule is like. There’s lots of options when it comes to