I am a High School Student. What Next?

I am a junior in high school. I want to become a pilot. In my hometown, I have a college they offer an associates in Aviation to become a pilot. They help you get PPL, IR, CPL. I am enrolled in college and because of that my High School provide for all the expenses that happens in my classes like class fees, materials needed, WHICH ALSO INCLUDE FLIGHT HOURS. I can take classes in Fall and Winter Semesters only. I am only 16 years old and am thinking about talking to my counselor if I can take these classes. Basically all this means is that after 1 year of me getting my High School Diploma, I will get my Associate Degree too without paying nothing, completely free. NO FAFSA, NO LOAN. ALL SCHOLARSHIP FROM SCHOOL.
Is it a good idea to take this option and save almost $80,000 (Which is what ATP cost)?
If I do take this option, I will approximately have around 250-350 hours when I complete my associate, which I can also transfer to like say Western Michigan University.
I will also have my Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot License.

If I do take this step, would I need to have a bachelors to apply for the Envoy Air program?

Estimate is that when I turn 19, I will have my CPL and an Associates degree in aviation.


Free is good so why not? Only problem is what will you do at 19 with your Commercial License and around 300hrs of flight time? While you don’t need a 4yr degree, the law states you must be 21 and have 1500hrs of flight time to fly for Envoy or any other Regional airline. There are few jobs for 300hr pilots other than flight instruction (but you can always try and find one). If you choose to teach you must then earn your CFI. Since you got all your other ratings for free that’s not a bad deal. Regardless you need to fly for at least 2yrs and build the required flight time.


Ok thanks, I really appreciate it.

If true, this sounds like a great deal and I recommend that you take it. You will not need a degree for the Envoy Cadet program, but I would recommend getting one at some point as you do not want to count ona cadet program to make your career.


Grab the opportunity and do not let go. Assuming the school is on the FAA approved list it can drop the number of hours you need for your ATP from 1500 to 1250. Since you will have to wait until old enough to fly for a regional you may as well follow on with another 2 years to get your bachelors in an approved aviation program and drop that number further to 1000 hours plus just getting the degree over with before life gets in the way. Going right after the associates also sets you up to apply for the multitude of aviation scholarships that are for students already “pursuing a degree in aviation.” This is the list of approved schools: https://www.faa.gov/pilots/training/atp/media/Institutional_Authority_List.pdf


This sounds like a great opportunity. What is the name of the high school?