Pilot career guide


As you know some flight schools only require English as a qualification for enrollment to flight school but during my own research some airline require maths and physics for either on O level or A level. So does it mean with English alone you won’t stand a chance of employment in the airline thou you have all the required training and hours needed?

Please help!!!


Since there are no O or A levels in the US I have to assume you’re talking about flying outside of the US. US carriers have no such requirements but I’m afraid I’m not that well versed in the requirements of foreign airlines. I recommend you look directly into the airlines you’re interested in and find out exactly what they need.


O level is equivalent to GCSE in Europe

I’m interested not only in the African airlines but other continets aswel. Would you help me based upon US requirements maybe it could help better my understanding and options aswel


US requirements are completely different. So much so that there really wouldn’t be any value in discussing them. I recommend that you reach out to the flight schools in your home country.


Yeah that would help. Thank you!