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Hello I’m new into this program, and I’ll be starting with ATP soon from zero. I have couple questions so when I set a start date will they give me what I need to study for all the written tests? can I do them before start date? If I fail a written test what will happen? Can I re take it or will I pay more money to re take it? the program is about 9 months can I take all the written before finishing my program. I won’t work at all I need to focus on program and finish it ASAP! and if I fail a check ride what will happen are they gonna give a second chance what’s the challenging part? Studying or flying? how many hours do I need to start a day at least?

Also, about loan if I apply full amount of loan and in a month or so after starting with the program and I decide to quit or I can’t continue what will happen are they gonna refund me money or what will happen. And after program I will work at instructor will I achieve my 1500 hours as an instructor and is it easy to apply for regional and get accepted.

Also, can I take some writtens before even getting into program or before setting a starting date like take it somewhere else or at their location.



Read the link Adam sent you. It should answer all of your questions about the written tests.

It may be different now, but when I was at ATP, if you failed the same check ride 3 times in a row, you were no longer aloud to continue the program.

For most, learning the knowledge is the hardest part.

If you do not complete the program, the remaining funds will be refunded back to you after ATP applies a prorated fee.

Most people choose to instruct as a means to build flight time towards 1500 hours and all of the other flight experience requirements.

Applying to a regional is easy. Getting the job is on you.



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I meant to study sorry :slight_smile: