Starting New Journey

Hello All!

I have thought about starting a new career path with Aviation. I am currently 28 and have a bachelors in business, but want to start anew. I am currently in review with the FAA for a first class medical license, but that is taking a while.

I have so many questions on which program would be best and maybe get some more information on how to start this journey. I am new to all of this and would like some help on how to start.
I also wanted to ask Pilots on their opinions on programs through companies that are worth it and which one would be best to choose from. I am leaning towards Horizon Air, but I would like to learn more about other programs and companies. My plan is to be a commercial pilot and above that. Aviation to me is very interesting and I would love to learn more about becoming a pilot and making a career from it.
Please reach out to me!
I have so many question and would love to learn more about their personal experience and the guidance to reach my goals and be a great pilot

Thank you!


If you’re waiting for you medical I suspect you have an issue. If that’s the case you really want to get that wrapped before you move to far forward.

As for the airline programs there are many and which is best now might not be when your ready. Further with the pilot shortage you’ll have you pick of programs (provided you do well) and Id be reluctant to commit to any one too early.

For now I suggest you get your medical sorted out and choose a flight school. Until you do the entire conversation is purely academic.



You’ve come to the right place. This forum is FULL of airline pilot life information (hence the title). Browse through the categories and search for specific topics and you’ll find loads of information. You can even see the schedules the mentors have flying the line or on reserve, read about student experiences in the ATP program and every question you can imagine about getting started.

As Adam said though, if your medical is deferred you’ll want to pause everything until that gets taken care of. You need a first class medical to be an airline pilot. Thats why most professional flight school programs require you have one before even starting flight training. One you get that sorted out, you can start to apply for financing and take an intro flight.



Your journey starts the day you inquiry and begin the process of becoming a pilot. There is a search function in the top right if you are looking for specifics, you can type keywords or filter based on what you may be looking for. I would not begin any training until you have the medical resolved.

It seems you’re at a standstill due to a medical deferral, that may time some time. Have you consulted heard anything back in regard to what may be holding you up, or did the AME suggest anything? Typically, the AME will defer it to OKC, and they will follow up with a certified letter of requested information.

I respect the outlook of doing research on cadet and airline programs, like Horizon Air. Right now, you have some other adversities you should overcome first, but don’t let that stop you from browsing and inquiring. I believe you have to already be in training with a partnered school with ATP in order to apply, so that is on hold until the medical is resolved.