Written exams/ what to study?

Can someone point me in the right direction of the post I once read about how someone completed there writtens, how long each one took and what they used to study. There was multiple different ones, but I can’t seem to find any of them now.

I’m working on the private at the moment, using the study buddy app, am I supposed to just go through each category and remember the answers for each one?

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The post was deleted because it was outdated. The most recent post was published not long ago by @Brady Preparing for Your Airman Knowledge Test

The length of time for each test is subjective. Everyone learns at a different pace. It could take weeks or days per test for some. Others need months.

Remember that completing the tests before the program is not a requirement. Also, the test results are only good for 24 calendar months so plan accordingly.


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Yes you are.


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I wandered that. I saw Brady’s post, the other post I seen was just a little more info for what I was looking for. More of a break down on each section and how they studied for each. Thank you anyhow. For the IOS app, can you lead me in the right direction for studyen it? Seems as if there is no info to read prior to answering questions.

Thanks Adam, I’ll do that. I’m starting on them now.

Sporty’s for the PAR. Sheppard for the rest. Preparing for your Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School


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How many questions are on the private exam?




The PVT AKT is 60 questions and you have 2.5 hours long to complete with a minimum score of 70%. In the guide I wrote I have a screenshot of the “blueprint” for the Private Pilot Airplane AKT. You can also search “FAA AKT Matrix” on Google to find the allowed/restricted materials for testing.


Thank you. I’ll read the post again.

Does all regulations need to be studied, or is there a certain one? FAR 61,71… etc?

Just wanted to offer feedback from my personal experience. Personally, I found Sporty’s Study Buddy app alone to be insufficient. I went through the entire 1000 question bank and took about 20 practice tests. The problem is the algorithm that generates the tests isn’t very diverse. So I ended up seeing the same 15 or 20 questions or so on every test. I’d spend time in the question bank itself and not focusing too much on the practice exams if that’s the only resource you’re going to use. I really recommend King for the PAR personally. As after completing that, I feel like I could crush the PAR if I were to retake it. (Ended up scoring a 75% on the actual exam despite 90s on the Sporty practice tests.) Take it with a grain of salt. That was just my personal experience after putting significant time into the exam.

The rest of the exams you could just use Sheppard as the mentors have recommended. I’ve found Kings again very helpful with actually learning how to read the charts and what not and supplementing with Sheppard. Ended up with a 93% on IRA and 90% on CFII. We’ll see how CAX and FIA goes.

To each their own though. You have to find what works best for you.

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I used the ASA private prep app and really liked it. It has a similar layout to Sheppard Air which you will use for the IRA on. Basically each subject area is broken down in a category so you study each category and then move on to the whole bank and then practice tests.


First of all, I want to thank all of our mentors for taking the time to help us here.🫶🏼😊

Couple of questions and a little background;

Starting at FXE, FL on August 29th, 0 hours.
4 weeks ago I thought 7 weeks is plenty of time to knock off ALL of the writtens before start date.
Now I am 3 weeks out still preparing for PAR test :cold_face:.

I did go over all of the sections, except one (cross Country Flights) that I started today.
The problem I encountered here is that it has 48 questions, 90% of them advising me to use E6B flight computer (never saw it in my life) to determine headings gs etc. :flushed:

I’m currently in Europe (w my iPad and Sporty Study App) and coming back to U.S. 10 day prior start date. Can’t wait to actually see and use that plotter (and buy that E6B …or should I buy something else?).

Now, Questions:

1.Any recommendations/tips for effectively mastering the usage of plotter/computer and other calculating tools recommended?

2.What do I need/ am I actually allowed to bring to the exam, what should one be acquired with
on the test day?

  1. Can I go to ATP before start date
    (since I still don’t have officially an instructor or anybody assigned) and ask there regarding this, endorsements etc.?

  2. Should I disregard my attempt to “be the best there is and learn it all” and go all-in with the rote memorization for some sections,
    such as this one and FAR91 (that’s also pain in the :peach: for me) ?

5.Should I go over the PAR and try to push in IRA ASAP in couple of weeks… Or master PAR and later on deal with the rest as I do flying?

  1. What do you suggest to take on with PAR, or within that week, as I’ve heard there are couple more tests that have 90% same questions?

Thanks in advance, clear skies!


  1. Yes, put them away. You will learn how to use the plotter, E6-B etc when you’re in training. For now ROTE rules the day! Review the material until time answers jump out at you.

  2. You need your ID, your endorsement for the exam and you can bring your E6-B and plotter if you think they’ll help.

  3. Yes. As long as you’re enrolled, have paid your dep and have a start date an ATP instructor will sign you off provided you bring 2-3 practice exams showing over 90.

  4. See above. ROTE, ROTE and did I mention ROTE?!?!

  5. Your call. Despite what some might say your score does matter.

  6. Some exams do share a test bank but the PAR isn’t one of them. Just take the PAR. If you do get to the Instrument exam you’ll want to take IRA and the FII.


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I take this to mean the questions really are the same on the Sporty’s/King practice tests as they are on the PAR, and not just similar questions with the numbers changed? My exam is this afternoon, and I’ve been memorizing the E6B/plotter questions over the past couple of weeks, but also know how to use the E6B if needed (hopefully; these wind correction problems are pretty confusing).


It’s been a while since I took the exam, but I’ve been told (these days) if you use both Sporty’s and Kings it covers everything very well.

Of course if you can use the E6-B then use (at least is you’re not sure you remember something). Most important stick with your answers. I can’t tell you how many pilots I know finish your test, then decide to go back, change answers when they were right in the first place.


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I just took my PAR test yester day. It’s for the most part the same questions, I didn’t notice any of the numbered answers do be different or changed. I did however get different map locations for locating obstacles and airports. I used both Kings and sport’s test prep for reference.

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That’s great to hear. I’ll report back after my exam with how it looked for me. Thanks.

Exam update!

I just got back from my PAR written. My dozens of Sporty’s practice tests paid off and I walked out with a 93%. There were a few questions I’d never encountered before, but I muddled through them. The biggest shock to me was that I wasn’t given a single cross country planning or wind calculation question, and only one weight and balance. This was the only question that required any math at all, and it was a question I remembered the answer to just on sight, one about how much weight could be added to the baggage compartment and still be able to fly. Luckily, it wasn’t even necessary to compute moments or anything, because only one of the 3 choices would leave the plane under the max takeoff weight.

At any rate, I’m glad I took advice from the various threads here and from the instructor who did my intro flight. Sporty’s is the way to go here! Now only 5 more of these suckers, and I hear the next one’s a doozy…